Prompted by a Facebook post, I began to realise the malleability of information with our modern-day technology. Information can be twisted, perspectives can be skewed, and even movements with the most well-intended purpose can be interpreted wrongly. Important messages often get misread and become
a trend amongst society - even if the idea has already become askew. This series is an indication of
the trend and its dangerous progression in an exaggerated manner. It is a showcase of the detrimental consequence of the mindless consumption of media and also, the re(un)learning process which one
needs to undergo to open themselves for more extensive perspectives.
This series was very experiment-driven. My initial idea only encompassed the narrative of This is Edible (II), but later expanded further to make this a more conclusive series. As a lot of food was involved in the making of this project, naturally my flat got rather messy with cake crumbs, sandwich parts, and wrappers. Of course, no food was wasted and my flatmates and I finished all the props. In terms of the film setting, I
had to construct my own studio with white fitted sheets, cardboard, broom/mop handles, and LED
lighting - and that didn’t even settle everything all at once, as I had to re-film everything in (II) due to
poor lighting in the first run. But ultimately, I enjoyed creating this series wholeheartedly.
Movements of eating have been observed and experimented with in the stills below.
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